Your keyboard may be a bacteria breeding ground!

Studies have shown that your keyboard can carry more bacteria than a toilet seat! How often are you using your keyboard and how often do you clean it? Many people use their keyboard and mouse all day but rarely clean them. The keys and the crevices in your keyboard collect grease and dirt off your fingers where it continues to build up over time.

How do you prevent the bacteria build up?

1. Wash your hands often.
This will help reduce the amount of dirt and oil build up tremendously.

2. Don’t eat at your desk.

3. Don’t share your computer with others. When possible avoid sharing computers and the spreading of germs will be significantly reduced.

4. Clean your keyboard. Turn off your computer and unplug the keyboard. Carefully remove a few of the keys (with a butter knife or flat head screwdriver as shown in photo to right) in order to clean between the crevices. If you choose to remove all of the keys let them soak in a cleaning solution or dip a cotton swab into some gentle isopropyl alcohol and wipe down each key. Then clean the board with the swab or a toothpick. Let the parts fully dry before placing them back together.

To maintain a clean keyboard, use a container of compressed air between the crevices and avoid eating at your desk.