About Us

Interstate was founded in 1988 by Bob Weller in Philadelphia, PA as a janitorial service company. Today, we are proud to remain a privately owned facility services company that has grown to offer services throughout the country.

Work Happy

We have grown the business on our dedication to both our clients and our staff. We believe in developing family relationships with our clients in order to create long-lasting partnerships.

At Interstate we believe it is our team which separates us from our competitors. Our philosophy is to create happy employees which in turn creates happy clients.

Our Trained Team

Our employees are highly trained, properly supervised, and take great pride in their work.

Interstate’s full time Safety and Training Manager provides on going safety training for the operations division. The training includes a comprehensive program for monthly on-site re-trainings.


Bob Weller


Rachel Weller

General Counsel

Kevin Weller

Executive Director of Operations

Chris Luther

Vice President of Sales

Lluvia Andrade

Director of Operations

Karen Thorp

Director of Marketing

Janet Frances

Business Development Manager

Russell Casino

Project Manager

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