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Outstanding Performance

Since 1988 we have received numerous awards for outstanding performance in addition to testimonial letters of client’s we are proud to partner with. Below are several phrases in recognition to our team and individual staffs performances:

“I have known Bob Weller and used Interstate Building Maintenance Corporation for over 8 years. Bob and his team performed at the highest level and were always open to comments, reviews, or suggestions on changes to make the service level even higher.”

~Brian W., Vice President

“We have been pleased with the cleaning services that Interstate has provided. We often see the Interstate cleaning crew, and they have been receptive when we’ve asked for changes in the way things are cleaned, etc.”

~Dave G., Claims Manager

“All in all, this is the best crew we’ve ever had and I would be very upset to see them leave. Interstate employees are good workers that want to do a good job, and THAT is very hard to find. And I don’t have to spend any of my time on cleaning issues, which has never been the case before.”

~Laura D., Office Manager

“We are pleased, but not surprised that Interstate has consistently performed above our expectations.”

~Michelle O., Property Manager

“We could not be more pleased with the team of dedicated and talented people we are privileged to work with.”

~Joseph B., Facilities Manager

“Just a note- I think our housekeeping staff is exemplary. I dropped a dollar bill on the floor under my desk yesterday and Linda put it on my desk with a note saying she found it. She could have kept it and I would never have known.”

~Cynthia R., Pharmacist

“I want to be the first to say ‘Thank you’ along with several employees both from 1st and 2nd shift for hiring Interstate Building Maintenance Corporation. From just the first night of them being here, I have received so many positive comments just on the bathrooms alone.”

~Evelyn D.

“I wanted to write you and let you know what a wonderful person George is. He goes above and beyond his duties here. It is unbelievable how quickly he takes action on something. He is ALWAYS pleasant and he is s genuinely happy person.”

~Lori M., R&D Supervisor

“I wanted to let you know that the floors in the Admin Building that were waxed look great. Many people mentioned that they don’t remember it looking that good.”

~Mindy D., Operations

“I wanted to let you that everything is going well. If I have any issues, Rick takes care of them very quickly. Rick is a great worker in your organization.”

~Dominick L.


“We are pleased, but not surprised that Interstate has consistently performed above our expectations.”
Michelle O., Property Manager